How Heavy Duty Repair and Tow Shops Get Paid Faster with RoadSync Checkout

by RoadSync | December 29, 2021| Blog Posts, Heavy duty repair and tow businesses, Video

New Video Series: Overview of RoadSync Checkout

We’re launching a new series of videos highlighting how our Checkout and Advance products make payments easier for our customers. The first video is focused on how heavy duty repair and tow shops can get paid faster with RoadSync Checkout. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share videos that bring to life how warehouses, brokers and carriers can use RoadSync to speed up payments and reduce supply chain delays. 

RoadSync Checkout, our innovative digital payments platform, is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use application specifically designed to address the challenges of collecting payments in the transportation industry. 


The unique challenges of running a heavy duty repair and tow shop are not easily solved. The work has long hours, dangerous and unpredictable conditions, many different payment methods to juggle and customer payments that sometimes don’t go through, get disputed or worse - result in fraud charges. 


To bring these challenges to life and show the benefits of Checkout, RoadSync developed an introductory video for those heavy duty repair and tow shop owners. Created with a compelling animation style, this video illustrates typical scenarios that heavy duty repair and tow technicians encounter and the inevitable payment challenges. The video then demonstrates how heavy duty repair and tow shop owners can accept roadside payments and process fleet checks and credit card transactions in seconds, helping them move on to the next job faster.


RoadSync Checkout further simplifies heavy duty repair and tow invoicing and payment systems by allowing providers to process safe and fast digital payments in a more convenient, efficient, and secure manner. And with a broad set of accepted payment types including WEX EFS and Fleet One cards, credit cards and fleet checks, RoadSync Checkout offers the convenience of using their preferred payment method with an enhanced mobile experience while keeping drivers and technicians safe.


For more information on how heavy duty repair and tow shop owners can benefit from RoadSync Checkout, request a demo