How to Increase Callouts for Your Truck Repair Business

by Krista Robertson | February 7, 2021| Blog Posts, heavy duty repair and tow

For truck drivers, time is the top priority, so when their truck breaks down, they need someone fast and reliable to help get them back on the road. But they also need someone reputable who they can trust with their valuable vehicle. So how does your heavy duty repair or tow business increase your callouts and become the number one choice of truckers? Here are the traits that you can focus on to win customers over.


Share Your Knowledge and Experience

 Not only is time critical to truckers, but so is their vehicle. They don’t want to trust their truck to just anybody! Sharing your well-established company and years of experience in this industry online is the first step to winning over your customer!

Pro Tip: You can share your years of experience in the industry, how long you’ve been in business, or combine all of the years of experience from you and your team!


Show Off Pictures of Your Equipment

Being a heavy-duty repair and tow business owner is not something everyone can do! Some may try, but it takes the right kind of equipment and experience to get a big rig back on the road. Post pictures on your equipment whether it’s a mobile repair truck, specialized tools or your rotator tow truck on Google My Business Page and Facebook so that way new customers will know they can rely on you and your vehicles.

Pro Tip: Consider including action shots of roadside repairs or towing activity to further enhance your capabilities and experience.

Have a Strong Reputation

Being known in your area (city, county, and state) is an excellent start to increase your callouts and build a strong reputation, but when you have customers that are there one minute and gone the next, then you need to make a great impression- and fast. Facebook and Google are the most popular platforms and can quickly gather reviews and ratings from customers.

 Pro Tip: Immediately (and we mean immediately) after you get done with a satisfied customer, ask them to write a review for you. You can quickly grab the link to either Facebook or Google that takes them straight to writing you a review.


Leverage Technology to Accept Payments Instantly

Your team needs to focus on getting your customer back on the road quickly, so payments technology, like RoadSync Checkout, can eliminate the hassles of payment transactions, including reducing paper and time. Trucker payments come in many forms- fleet check, credit card, cash, and more. Each payment type has its benefits and frustrations, but with RoadSync Checkout, your technician can accept all these payments quickly while roadside.

Pro Tip: Before your technician leaves the shop, ensure that you have clearly communicated your service rates with a Work Order Authorization. RoadSync Checkout’s Work Order Authorization allows you to disclose your service rates, callout fees, and more to your customers.


Always Be Professional

This may be last on our list, but this is a top priority. From hello on the phone to goodbye roadside, make sure that you are treating your customers with respect. Your customer is under pressure and stress while on the side of the road, so make sure to empathize with your customer to gain their trust. This is an easy and important task to increase your callouts. 


Wrap Up

When it comes to strategies to increase your callouts and make your business the #1 choice for truckers, make sure to consider these key items: 

  • Share your knowledge and expertise 
  • Share pictures of your callouts and shop
  • Have a strong reputation 
  • Leverage technology to accept payments instantly
  • Always be professional

Ready to start building your online presence? Make sure to check out How to Create Your Business Facebook Page.