Retaining Employees at Your Warehouse

by RoadSync | April 22, 2021| Blog Posts, Warehouse, warehouse best practices, warehouse operations, employee retention for warehouses, warehouse employees

Part of the battle warehouse managers face is recruiting qualified employees to keep the business running smoothly. The other part occurs when you must retain those employees.

With so many opportunities available in the industry, your warehouse must stay competitive in the eyes of your employees. Otherwise, they may choose to leave you behind for something else.

Lack of Employee Retention Can Cost Your Business

Employee turnover is costly for any business. A study by Employee Benefits News found that the average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary. Every employee who leaves takes their unique talents, knowledge and skills with them, resulting in lost productivity. Not only will you need to spend work time hiring someone new, but you’ll also need to train and onboard that employee before they can be effective.


4 Ways to Retain Your Warehouse Employees

1. Provide Flexible Time-Off Plans

Standard paid-time-off plans are often limited in scope and usage. Consider building PTO plans that are more flexible, honoring the time off that your warehouse employees need. 

One simple change you can make is to eliminate the difference between vacation time and sick time. You can also allow employees to take PTO before they’ve accrued it. Also find ways to build in additional PTO opportunities that better support your employees’ personal lives, such as:

    • Expanded parental leave
    • Expanded bereavement leave
    • Sabbaticals
    • Paid time off for volunteering

2. Consider Additional Workplace Perks

In addition to monetary incentives like bonuses, spend time building in perks that will help you create a stronger workplace culture. This can include:

    • Team-building events (both in and out of the workplace)
    • Appreciation awards
    • Free lunch and snacks
    • Flexible workday schedules
    • Child care, spa services and other on-site amenities
    • Wellness stipends (to use for gym memberships, purchase for in-home workout items, massages or facials, and much more)

A company that acknowledges and caters to their employees’ needs as whole people are more likely to build loyalty and increase employee retention rates.

3. Offer Clear Paths to Growth

There’s nothing more frustrating to employees than having no clear path to promotion, raises and expanded training opportunities. Avoid this common mishap by creating an organizational chart and providing this chart to all employees. 

Also, hold regular reviews with your employees. During these meetings, you can discuss raises, possibilities for improvement and options for individual growth within your company.

4. Listen & Act

Communication is important for employees to feel connected and engaged. Listen to your employees’ concerns and do your part in eliminating them. Listen to your employees’ needs and try your best to provide for them. An employee that feels cared for will stick around



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