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Customer Q&A: Safe Assist Road Service

Introducing a new feature where we ask RoadSync customers to share their stories about working with us. This blog features James Grinolds of Safe Assist Road Service who has 20+ ye...

Freight FAQs: What is a Lumper?

This post is part of a series answering frequently asked questions about words, processes, phrases, fees and other aspects of the transportation and logistics industry.

Pay Your Warehouse Fees with Ease

As a driver, warehouse fees are an unavoidable part of doing business. But even with advance planning, they can come up unexpectedly, slow down your trip and cut into your revenue....

How Fees Cover Variable Operating Costs at Your Warehouse

Today, your warehouse likely charges drivers various costs—including shipment intake, packing and loading fees. But there are additional charges you can consider integrating into y...

LLC or Sole Proprietorship: How to set up a Heavy Duty Repair Tow Shop

When starting a heavy duty repair and tow business, your first big decision will be how to structure your company. Two of the most common options for heavy duty repair and tow busi...

How Work Order Authorizations Help Fight Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be very disruptive to your business. The system is designed to favor the customer rather than the merchant, so banks force you to prove that your shop did the work ...

How to Write Great Directory Listings

There are many effective ways to market your heavy duty repair and tow business. A quick and easy way is to list your heavy duty repair and tow business on online directories. The ...

How Directory Listings Can Increase Your Business

What happens when one of your potential customers has a breakdown during their roadtrip? They’ll do a geo-based search for heavy duty repair and tow businesses nearby to get back u...

What You Need to Know About Offering Mobile Repair Service

Many heavy duty repair businesses are making the switch from traditional repair shops to mobile repair services to better serve their customers. If you’re considering doing the sam...

Attracting Employees to Your Warehouse

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to attract great warehouse employees, and an aging workforce and the need to attract skilled workers have added to the challen...

Retaining Employees at Your Warehouse

Now that you know how to attract new, high-quality employees, let’s discuss what you need to do to keep them around.

Attracting and Hiring Employees for Your Shop

Your heavy duty repair and tow services are only as good as those performing them. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to attract and recruit great employees for your repa...

Generating Reviews on Facebook

Chances are, all of us have read an online review for a local business. It’s also normal for us to ask for recommendations from friends and family when we seek professional service...

Leveraging Tabs on Your Facebook Page

Not only does Facebook make it easy for you to create your own business page, but they also simplify customizing your page to fit your business. One way to add more personalized in...

Adding Photos & Videos to Your Facebook Business Page

This blog is part of a series about Facebook marketing for heavy duty repair and tow businesses. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks for building your web presence through ...

Building Your Free Google My Business Website

For heavy duty repair and tow businesses, having an online presence is crucial so truckers can find you when they are in need in your area. When we think about online presence, a b...

What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

Join us for the third blog in our five-part series on free marketing tools to grow your business. Watch for our next blogs in the series over the next few weeks on how to build you...

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Heavy Duty Repair & Tow Business

Join us for the second blog in our five-part series on free marketing tools to grow your business. Watch for our upcoming blogs in the series over the next few weeks on how to buil...

Your Online Marketing Toolkit Designed for Your Heavy Duty Repair and Tow Business

This blog is part one in a five-part blog series. Watch for our upcoming blogs after the holidays that will continue to guide your heavy duty repair and tow shops to build your onl...

3 Reasons Your Warehouse Might Be Missing Out on Accessorial Fees

Many warehouses aren’t collecting what they should from assessorial fees. Some teams are wasting hours by tracking fees and then later adding them manually to spreadsheets – while ...

Hidden Inefficiencies: 3 Ways Your Fee Collection Practices Are Costing You

When you’re working to turn your dock doors, fee management is the last thing you likely want to think about. However, paper-based fee collection processes are often one of the big...

It’s Time to Go Contactless at your Warehouse

Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of daily life. Closures and cancellations seem to be the new normal. On March 17, President Trump ordered the nation to avoid restaurants and ...

Concerned About Coronavirus? Go Contactless

Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of daily life at an exponential rate. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is recommending Americans practice “social distan...

Pushing the Speed Limit: Increasing Operational Efficiencies with Digital Payments

Logistics is an industry that depends on speed, efficiency and accuracy for virtually every aspect of its business but one – payments.

High-tech newcomers include blockchain, digital-payments companies

Read the full article on Freight Business Journal For all the confusion and mystery surrounding blockchain, the technology is simple. It’s essentially a general ledger whereby gran...

The Bancorp Stuck With $11.2M Returned ACH Payment

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RoadSync adds direct billing, ACH payment options to its platform

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RoadSync Adds ACH Support For Logistics Receivables

RoadSync Adds ACH Support For Logistics Receivables  

RoadSync Additions Ease Logistics Payments, Billing

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How Digital Payments Improve Logistics Efficiency

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Are you leaking revenue at your warehouse?

Do you manage one of the thousands of warehouses that charge for unloading, restacking, late fees, or rescheduling?  If so, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in paym...

A Winning Plan for Chargebacks

Only 21% of chargeback disputes are won by merchants. This doesn’t mean that most chargebacks submitted are justified— tow & repair shops can lose a dispute even if they’ve pro...

The Rise of Mobile Electronic Payment Systems

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Startup hastens warehouse-delivery payments as Amazon raises expectations

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Electronic payment systems going mobile for fleets, drivers

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RoadSync Introduces Express Deposit

RoadSync Introduces Express Deposit  

Speed of payments drives logistics industry

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Roadsync Streamlines Logistics Payments with Quickbooks

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RoadSync Integrates Quickbooks!

We know you love using RoadSync, but you dislike transferring your transaction info into Quickbooks. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to integrate the two. Just like peanut butter and...

Keep Your Customers Informed with RoadSync

You work hard for your customers, but they don’t necessarily see your hard work. Now, RoadSync lets you document and share the process every step of the way.

Roadsync payments platform at $100M milestone

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