How Work Order Authorizations Help Fight Chargebacks

by RoadSync | September 14, 2021| heavy duty repair and tow, heavy duty repair businesses, heavy duty mobile repair

Chargebacks can be very disruptive to your business. The system is designed to favor the customer rather than the merchant, so banks force you to prove that your shop did the work correctly. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a customer from filing a chargeback due to claims of fraud or bad service. However, RoadSync helps prepare you to fight chargebacks before they happen.


Getting a call-out from a new customer is always exciting, because it means business! But we know how it goes down sometimes. Maybe the driver disappears because another heavy duty tow and repair company got there faster. Or maybe you provide service, but the driver disputes the charges later.

These common scenarios make it all the more important that you and the driver confirm details BEFORE heading out—and agree to them with a digital signature. 


Read on to learn about the three must-haves in your agreement—and discover how RoadSync Checkout helps you get paid faster and avoid chargebacks.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions are designed to protect your business and technicians. Think of them as the rules of the relationship between you and your customer—you can keep them high-level and general, or make them specific to different types of requests.


Confirmation of Service Rates

Miscommunication is often the reason for the customer arguing over service rates—or worse, disputing the charges later. To avoid this, make sure all information about pricing is communicated in writing, and included in the contract for the customer to sign. 


Electronic Signature from Customer  

Once you’ve presented the previous two items, the last step is to get an electronic signature from your customer. This instantly generates a digital paper trail that is easy to reference if any questions arise before or after the work is complete. 


Our Solution: RoadSync Checkout

We understand the frustrations that heavy duty tow and repair providers face, and that’s why we built RoadSync Checkout — a payment system featuring a digital Work Order Authorization tool that discloses terms & conditions and service rates to your customer before you even leave the shop. With RoadSync Checkout, you can obtain your customer’s electronic signature along with their IP address — all of which enables a secure transaction and protects your business from any miscommunications or disagreements. 


The Bottom Line

Chargebacks happen — but with RoadSync Checkout and digital work order authorizations, you can ensure everyone is on the same page before the work begins. Reach out to us to learn how to put our platform to work for you today!